Sojouner Truth Facts – Her contributions and more

Sojouner Truth will always be popular for his remarkable extemporaneous speech about racial inequalities entitled “Ain’t I a Woman?” This was delivered at the convention of Women’s Rights in the year 1851. Basically, the name Sojourner Truth was considered to be a self-given name. This started from the year 1843 onwards. This was also done by Isabella Baumfree who was an African-American abolitionist and as well as an activist for women’s rights. These were all found in Sojouner Truth facts. Needless to say, Truth was born in the state of slavery tracing back her life at Swartekill, New York. However, she was able to escape this kind of life together with her daughter, who was still an infant that time. They were freed in the year 1826.

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As mentioned, Truth will always be known for her speech about racial inequalities. She delivered this in the convention for Ohio Women’s Rights in the year 1851. Since she was born to slavery, she came from a big family. A family of 12 siblings. There was no record about the real birth date of Truth. This is so typical and it happens a lot to those who were born out of poverty. Many historians claimed that she was born though around the year 1797. However, for the exact date yet, that is to be left answered one of these days. The father of truth was captured from Ghana. His name was James Baumfree. The Baumfree family, her family – was then owned by a person named Colonel Hardenbergh. From then, they lived in the colonel state which is situated in Esopus, New York. This was just 95 miles from north, New York City. Before, that particular area was still under the control of the Dutch. This was the occurrence when Hardenbaugs and Baumfrees spoke Dutch. They did this for their everyday life.

When the said colonel died, the ownership of the family was then passed over to the son of their master. His name was Charles. Despite this though, the Baumfrees had to be separated from one another. This occurred right after the death of Charles. This transpired in the year 1806. During this time, Truth was only 9-years old. Those were the times when she was known as Belle. She was sold for an auction together with a group of sheep for the amount of $100. She was sent off to a new owner that time. The name of the person was John Neely. He was remembered by Truth as violent and harsh. As for the following two years, she found herself being sold twice. This led to her being able to reside on the property owned by John Dumont. This was in West Park, New York. These were the times when Truth finally learned how to speak English. Such was the first time.

It was in the year 1843 when Truth changed her name. This was the point in her life when she decided to pursue the life of Methodism. She fought for slavery to be abolished.

Millard Fillmore Facts – What really happened?

Millard Fillmore, the previous president of the United States, is normally remembered for his innumerable jokes. Most of the time, the mentioned jokes are about his lacking of accomplishments, down to the quite unusual name he goes along with. As a matter of fact, Fillmore appeared to be very much knowledgeable when it comes to the topic of obscurity. This was the case of him ever since he was removed from that of the White House. This will always be found on a ton of Millard Fillmore facts available around. It is not surprising anymore.

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More about Millard Fillmore

Millard Fillmore grew up from a poor family. He was born from a particular log cabin. Basically, it can be said that Fillmore had to spend so much of his time clearing his youth. He was assigned to raise crops which was quite evident on their 13—acre farm. This was leased by his father. When he was 14 years old, it was his father who hoped to steer him away from the life that they have – farm life. This was the main reason why he was apprenticed to be a cloth dresser instead. However, when he finally returned to his home, there was an allegation saying that he suffered from mistreatment. Fillmore had to apprentice with owners then. These owners have their own textile mile. He just received a minimal amount of formal schooling. Even though this is the case, he made sure to work hard in order to be educated. This was the reason why he turned out to be a schoolteacher. There was also a visible interest in law. This was spurred by the landlord of his father who was a local judge. There was a couple of clerkships followed here. It was during that time when Fillmore was then admitted to a certain bar. This occurred at the age of 23. A practice was then opened Buffalo, New York. He was able to make a living out of this. This was also the time when he met political leaders.

The start of his political life happened when he decided to be an anti-mason. This was the time when he was elected in the legislature way back in the year 1828 at New York. He was strongly opposing the freemasonry. As a matter of fact, he even remained affiliated with such party. This was really pollewing will in the western part of New York. This was also true upon him winning the election to the United States. This was against the House of Representatives for almost four years. Ties were cut soon as he joined the Whig Party. There was an amalgam of forces here which are meant to go opposite that of President Andrew Jackson. Since he was a Whig, Fillmore got to serve the House for almost three years. He lost a race when he ran for governor in New York. Instead, he became a comptroller. He was suddenly surprised with a nomination done by Zachary Taylor. He was his running mate at this point. This happened in the 1838 presidential election.

Strattera for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD): Using Non-Stimulant Medications for ADD and ADHD

When an adult or child is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD, doctors frequently prescribe a type of medication that works on the brain and chemicals in the brain called dopamine. These drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are called psycho-stimulants and work on the neurotransmitter dopamine to help control impulsive behavior and improve concentration.

While it may seem backwards to prescribe a medication that stimulates the brain, this form of treatment is shown to be quite successful in children and adults with ADD.

However, in some cases, a non-stimulating drug may be more effective for certain types of ADD and ADHD. These medications work on a different chemical in the brain called norepinephrine.

The FDA has only approved one type of medication to be classified as a non-stimulating treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This medication is called atomoxetine and sold under the name Strattera.

Benefits of Strattera for ADD and ADHD

Lilly USA, the manufacturer of Strattera says that norepinepherine reuptake inhibitors have the potential to help people:

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  • Have better follow-through
  • Finish Tasks
  • Keep attention and focus
  • Maintain structure and organization in tasks

A major benefit for people taking Strattera is that the medication offers continual relief, not the “on and off effect of CNS (Central Nervous System stimulating medicines),” according to Dr. Brian D. Boyle, author of Understanding and Treating Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is especially appealing to patients who have experienced the crash, or extreme drop in energy, when a stimulating medication like Ritalin wears off.

Dr. Boyle also cautions patients and parents to be patient with medications like Strattera because the drugs do take time to work, similar in the way antidepressants may take up to a month or more to notice improvement. In fact, Strattera may also improve symptoms of depression in ADD and ADHD patients who have been diagnosed with both depression and ADD.

Concerns about Strattera for ADD and ADHD

As with any medication, atomexetine has potential side effects. The most common reported problems from both children and adults taking Strattera are nausea and feeling tired. Taking the medication with food can help with stomach problems. As the body becomes adjusted to the medication, energy levels do seem to balance however sometimes an adjustment in the dose may be necessary as well.

More serious side effects of Strattera can include liver damage and suicidal thoughts. Most doctors discuss at length the concerns for patients, especially children, and to be aware of the potentially dangerous side effect. Lilly reports that although thoughts of suicide occur in only less than half of one percent (4 out of 1000) patients, people should be aware and prepared for the possibility.

Deciding to Take Medication Like Strattera for ADD

There are many forms of treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD. Medication can be very helpful but there is no magic single pill that can fix every symptom. Other treatments combined with medication and therapy are showing great promise. Treatment takes time and patience. Success can be achieved with proper expectations and understanding.