Sojouner Truth Facts – Her contributions and more

Sojouner Truth will always be popular for his remarkable extemporaneous speech about racial inequalities entitled “Ain’t I a Woman?” This was delivered at the convention of Women’s Rights in the year 1851. Basically, the name Sojourner Truth was considered to be a self-given name. This started from the year 1843 onwards. This was also done by Isabella Baumfree who was an African-American abolitionist and as well as an activist for women’s rights. These were all found in Sojouner Truth facts. Needless to say, Truth was born in the state of slavery tracing back her life at Swartekill, New York. However, she was able to escape this kind of life together with her daughter, who was still an infant that time. They were freed in the year 1826.

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As mentioned, Truth will always be known for her speech about racial inequalities. She delivered this in the convention for Ohio Women’s Rights in the year 1851. Since she was born to slavery, she came from a big family. A family of 12 siblings. There was no record about the real birth date of Truth. This is so typical and it happens a lot to those who were born out of poverty. Many historians claimed that she was born though around the year 1797. However, for the exact date yet, that is to be left answered one of these days. The father of truth was captured from Ghana. His name was James Baumfree. The Baumfree family, her family – was then owned by a person named Colonel Hardenbergh. From then, they lived in the colonel state which is situated in Esopus, New York. This was just 95 miles from north, New York City. Before, that particular area was still under the control of the Dutch. This was the occurrence when Hardenbaugs and Baumfrees spoke Dutch. They did this for their everyday life.

When the said colonel died, the ownership of the family was then passed over to the son of their master. His name was Charles. Despite this though, the Baumfrees had to be separated from one another. This occurred right after the death of Charles. This transpired in the year 1806. During this time, Truth was only 9-years old. Those were the times when she was known as Belle. She was sold for an auction together with a group of sheep for the amount of $100. She was sent off to a new owner that time. The name of the person was John Neely. He was remembered by Truth as violent and harsh. As for the following two years, she found herself being sold twice. This led to her being able to reside on the property owned by John Dumont. This was in West Park, New York. These were the times when Truth finally learned how to speak English. Such was the first time.

It was in the year 1843 when Truth changed her name. This was the point in her life when she decided to pursue the life of Methodism. She fought for slavery to be abolished.