Kimberly McCullough Pregnant – from Recovery to Fulfillment

We all know Kimberly McCullough as Robin on General Hospital. We marvel at her acting in this daytime show. But deep inside her, a rough journey occurred. She chronicled what transpired in her life in late 2015 when she suffered a miscarriage. But despite the experience, life goes on for Kimberly. In her emotional blog, she wrote about moving out to LA together with her dog and her anonymous significant other, as well as being pregnant again. According to her, this is one of the best years for her. A few weeks from now, her  pregnancy will be over and she will give birth to a baby boy. Meantime, here are some images of Kimberly McCullough pregnant and enjoying it. Talk about miracles.

After moving out from LA, Kimberly found out that she was pregnant again proving that the timing was right.

You would not think that the drama in her TV show also happened in her life, but hey, Kimberly stood strong all these times.

Kimberly’s subtle smile may mean something is going on with her. Does it tell you that she is pregnant or something else?

We will not know the hard times Kimberly is going through after she wrote about it in her blog, but thankfully, everything will fall into place and the right time for her with her new baby boy coming up.


Suffering from a miscarriage can be devastating, but life goes on with Kimberly. A new home comes with a new baby – that’s what you can call the right pieces come along.

We all love her as Robin in General Hospital, but we also love her as she stayed strong all the time. A new beginning meets new hope.

Kimberly’s dog has been with her and have helped her cope during the tough times. Kudos to Kimberly for being tough.

Kimberly is truly a picture of being blessed – after that unfortunate event, she will become a mother again.

Kimberly will definitely become a great mother in the near future. We all know she will. Just look at her smile with a kid.

Few weeks from now, the expectant Kimberly will become a full-time mom. Still, she makes the father of the baby anonymous. Nevertheless, she is enjoying her life now as we see it.